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This reminded me of Jumpman or Loderunner game back in the 80's.

hahaha, that´s the intention!

Take a look in our AscDunegon postmortem in Indiewatch!

We are in Indie Retro News!

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Thanks to Mr Big T Anderson!

Hey, I liked this game! And the ASCII art is a plus~

Just too bad I can't get past level 3. :P

Some guys advanced to 4... Press "G" in chapters screen and have fun!


Thanks, thanks, thanks! Let´s go to explore the underworld!!!!

Hey Antonio, downloading gives you a gamelegend.png file. Is it right?

I could play it right from the site. The sounds and graphics are nostalgic, I can relate to the old days playing Dangerous Dave and other DOS games.

Nice to see that Berdolock still has his dungeon and adventurers are still trying to get through.

(Wouldn't it be nice to see Berdolock's Dungeon as an Old Dragon adventure?)

Hi Bruno,

I´ll write in English because it´s the oficial language here. The legend key file is the first (I´m design manual, lore manal and a lot of things...) and when I reach 10 level,s I´ll release PC and MAC version of the game (HTML5 still on the air for browsers). Next weekend more news are on the way, and that´s it :) !

About Berdolock in Old Dragon, I need to think, but sounds good...

My best regards,

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Thanks for your ideas and tips!