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Welcome to the Flelds of Gore, an action adventure, with a lot of adrenalin! You are Xumour Mcgrage, a human hero, soldier and adventurer. Your mission is find and destruct wepons of mass destruction made by the orcs.

But, your mission are though and filled with a lot of dangerous! You need to fight against orcs, magical creatures and explore the terrible Orc´s Island!

A game for the truly hero!

A game with a lot of retro feelings and some surprises, like secrete level, easter eggs, etc. Enter in a world of adventure and action!

3 great levels plus secret level, with an atmosphere of old console cartridges!

Use mouse/ Keyboard and gamepad for play


W,A,S,D - Move the heroe

Mouse left Button - Fire at will

C (Cheat Mode) - Increase Life (only for the chicken players!)

L - Load Game (if you complete the first level, second level and third level)

P - Pause (any key or mouse click to exit)

ESC- Get out of the game (coward!!!!)

Gamepad Controls

Left Analog - Move

Right Shoulder Button - fire

Start - Begin Game

Copyright Anotnio Marcelo aka 0ldm@n - RG Games - 2016 - All Rights reserved.

Update - WIn 32 Version - 07/01/2016

Win 32 Vesion available for download

Version 1.2 - 15/12/2016 - Game pad Support*

- Gamepad Support (supported only in PC)

* Only true XBOX gamepdas not clones!

Version 1.1 Nerfed Ediiton - Nerfed Secret Level 25/11/2016

- By popular demmand, secret level was nerfed! (chicken!)

Version 1.1 - Some Game Improvements Release 20/11/2016

After some public exibhitios, geta a feedback fro players and make some things:

- Improve movement

- Fix some bugs

- Put one easter egg in game!

GAME RELEASED!!! 18/10/2016

Version 1.0 released! Please donwload and support!!!!


Release Candidate 3 - 08/10/2016

- A lot of minor corrections

- save/load improved

- minor bug fixes

- code optimization

Release Candidate 2 - 29/09/2016

- Fixing minor bugs

- Fix dungeon level

- Game Balancing

Release Candidate 1 - 27/09/2016

- Fixing minor bugs

- Minor improvements

- Game Balancing

Beta 1.7 25/09/2016

- Secret level in testing

- some minor bug fixes

- Improving Game Features

- Snake Den fully operational

Beta 1.6 22/09/2016

- Change Hud Font

- Secret level in testing

- some minor bug fixes

- Improving Game Features

- Pause Key

Beta 1.5 19/09/2016

- Bug in orc fortress level fixed

- Secret level in testing

- some minor bug fixes

Beta 1.4 18/09/2016

- More music in bosses

- Fix dungeon level bug

- Fix minor bugs

Beta 1.2 -14/09/2016

- Fix some bugs

- End credits

- Final Message

Beta 1.1 -09/09/16

- Bugs detected and fixed

- Final sequence ok

- Credits ok


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Video Review by Mr. Big ! Thanks!

No Win32 version?

As you wish sir!!!!

Many thanks, nice game!

Thank you! Please feel free to ask something... Regards!

GREAT adventure! Really like the good old times :))

challenging, fun and well designed !