8 years of war. A conflict which lasts so very long between Orcs and Humans. Both races fight desperately for small pieces of land...

Several battles take place on land, sea, and air with powerful dreadnaughts, airships and steam mekas. You have recently been promoted as the leader of the human war effort and need to develop the industry, increase the extraction of iron and coal, to feed the human war machine.

The task is not easy, but we know you can fulfill!

Steamwar is a strategy game, where you need to extract resources, build factories, produce food, train soldiers and build mekas until your war effort reaches 100%.

But be careful because events can occur and change the flow of war!

Fight a Steamwar against orcs! Help the humans survive, incrementing your war efforts! Made for 1 click jam!

I´d like to thanks to Mr. Isaac S. Johnson for music and sound design. Thanks for your help!

You can visit and listen your beautiful work at http://www.isaacsjohnson.com/


Only mouse click!!!!

Release Candidate 01 14/04/2017

- new splash screen

- sonds and music

- improving game balance

Beta Version 0.2 12/04/2017

- splash screen

- first sounds

- improving game balance

Update - 10/04/2017 - 5:35 pm

- Bug fix in building construction fix! Thanks to Carlos Monteiro

Update - 10/04/2017 - 1:04 pm

- Bug fix iron production ! Thanks to Morten Schouenborg!

Beta Version 0.1

- Need Introduction screen

- Need to improve game balancing

- Some minors adjusts

Play in full screen! Windows and MAc versions are on the way!

Game Credits

Game Design and Coding - Antonio Marcelo (@orcrobot)

Music and Sound Design: Isaac S. Johnson (@isaac_s_johnson)

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