Interface, Quests and NPC´s

How's everybody doing?

I am working on the new features of the new Orc Leader and some interesting points are emerging and being adopted as improvements.

At this moment I have been able to make a quest system based on XML files, of which I put a series of information such as rewards, quest contents, fame acquired by the character. This has made it easier for me to expand the game dev much faster.

However one of the points that are making development a little slower than I expected is the creation of new assets. As I'm working with voxels, the creation cycle of NPCs, props, and interfaces, has taken me at this point longer than programming. The good thing is that a lot of cool props are popping up.

These two weeks working on the project, I was able to implement the following:

- System of XML-based quests such as classic markers (exclamation mark and question mark)
- New assets
- First dialogs boxes

It seems little, but mainly the quest system was a very, very important point in the game. Now the next goal will be the battle system, based on classic RPG mechanics. This will start on Monday and make daily posts about it. Good weekend to everyone!

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