Hello fellow players!

I'm coming back to the development work of our game, after finishing the ASCDungeon and finish some articles for the Indiewatch site. Orcleader is a strategy game with the spirit of the old games of the 80s like Roadwar 2000, Lords of The Realms and Ultima III.

The game has as main progression the fame of his character. Being increased will allow you to perform tasks such as entering in dungeons, adding new members to your warband and a few more surprises.

In the next two weeks we will work on the following:

- Finish Hellmines boss

- Game Interface Update

- Improvement the "hunger" and "fame" systems

- Finishing Rathole Dungeon

Our idea is that our sprint starts tomorrow and end on the 24th, fulfilling these goals. During the week we are launching new posts here.

Patreon "warrior,elte and boss"" supporters will have exclusive access to daily builds to track development. If you still supported us take a look here.

Let's work that has a lot to do!

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